It’s all your own choice.

Fabric options:
There is a full collection of Italian fabrics available: many of which are shown throughout the pages of the catalogue.
We can send you a comprehensive pattern book – just pay a refundable £50 deposit and we’ll send one to you today.
Or you could consider a fully bespoke look – let us upholster your piece with your own fabric for a one-off, truly individual finish.

Fabric costs
The fabrics are split into three categories: FABRIC B, FABRIC C and FABRIC E. This refers to the price column in the price list. If you enlarge the text of the catalogue pages by pressing the + button on the menu bar at the top of the pages you will see the code and category of the fabric the item is photographed in.

We can help…
If you need any further advice or help please call Justine 07785 118651. Justine can work with you to make sure you buy the right furniture to suit your schemes and tastes. She has many years experience and understanding of the bold, lavish Silik pieces.